Light and Love Home (LLH) are proud to be serving and providing the local community with knowledge from experts in a range of areas. Seeing the need and importance of maintaining health and wellbeing, LLH has had the privilege of hosting talks presented by doctors, dieticians and pharmacists. The topics they have covered include Chinese medicine and what it entails, nutrition and osteoporosis and preventing cold and flu during the winter months. These talks were presented in Cantonese and Mandarin to cater for the main demographic of attendees.   LLH has also offered the free blood pressure measuring services to ensure people of all ages are healthy.   In addition to health talks, every year LLH runs a Kids and Youth Club program for a few days during the July school holidays. The age group ranges from Kindergarten to Year 8. Following multiple training sessions, LLH volunteers benefit just as much as the kids. They prepare, organise and host a wide range of engaging and interactive activities that educates kids while also helping them learn new skills. Activities include games, arts and craft, Bible story time, music lessons, science experiments, health eating talks and more. Each year the Kids and Youth Club have been in popular demand, along with an increasing amount of volunteers. At the end of Kids and Youth Club, children have the opportunity to participate in a music event to show the musical skills they have learnt.   LLH’s community service also extends to protecting the environment by participating in Clean Up Australia Day multiple years in a row. Volunteers come together to pick up rubbish from local parks and surrounding areas to help maintain a sustainable and clean environment for the future.