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2015 Calendar

November 15, 2014

Get your hands on a Light and Love Home 2015 Charity Calendar – just $7 for an awesome cause! Please make the order by email [email protected]! Along with the confirmation of the sponsor and key donators, our annual calendar project has been launched in the cities of Australia and New Zealand. We would like to thank all the sponsors, donators, friends, volunteers and all who purchased the calendar. With your continuous support, charity work can be maintained and increased substantially so that many can continue to benefit from it. Special thanks to the following organisations and individuals for their generous and continual support: Sponsor: BPO Intelligence (Paree Brar) Donators: Capitalwise (Danny Chiu) Winglong Travel Pty Ltd (Emily Hung) Joseph Choi Service Centre (Joseph Choi) G&A and family members Century 21 Student Service Centre Pty Ltd (George Cui) In the past 2 calendar projects, the donations and proceeds from the sale of the calendars have been used for the charity programs in Madagascar and Nepal. The theme of the 2015 Calendar is ‘Let The Children Smile’. Your contributions will bring them great joy and because of their joy, our hearts are full of happiness. All proceeds will be used to support Light and Love Worldwide Charity Services. Light and Love Worldwide Charity Services are committed to having no administrative fees or charges in regards to all the programs we run.

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Wishing you all a happy new year from Sydney 🇦🇺. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #lightandlovehomesydney #happynewyear #fireworks #newyear #sydney #blessings #sydneyoperahouse #sydneyharbourbridge #2020 •••⁣ Designed by @freepik

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